Every year, approximately one in five Australian adults experience a mental health problem, with unnecessary suffering and costs when left untreated.

Staff, clients and family members are not immune and we should all get the essential skills that make the difference by identifying depression, anxiety and the risk of suicide with our mental health workshops.

Similarly, workplaces share the costs of stress and bullying, both preventable through awareness raising and easy skills programs.

Our effectiveness programs also target individuals wishing to develop core psychological strengths, reduce stress and perform better.

Psych-ed is a niche educational organization providing evidence-based personal development and wellness, staff development and corporate psychological health training and support services.

Practical educative programs can play a vital part in developing psychological flexibility for individuals for better performance, and also reducing unnecessary costs and suffering.

We offer quality evidence-based products, interactive, integrative (workshops involve staff and management), in flexible format, anywhere needed in Australia.

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